Sunday, March 13, 2011


Just spreading the word here:

See RANGO when you get the chance. It's a risky animated film that succeeds -- shrewd, silly, gritty, and charming, all at once. Hats off to Gore Verbinski for jumping into animation with such enthusiasm, to James Ward Byrkit and the story team for following him up, and to ILM -- who is pretty much "the studio" -- for the incredible, unconventionally appealing visuals, with photorealistic textures that actually work in their favor.

(Just one caution -- don't bring anyone under nine or maybe ten. This is a bit of a "hard PG.")


  1. DANG!!! YOU liked this movie!! MUST be worth seeing since you're typically critical of such films! I've had many friends who said they liked this film. I think I'm gonna have to go check it out now!! :D

  2. You're a tough critic too, Spencer, especially in terms of a movie's attitude. So let me know what you think!