Thursday, May 23, 2013

Attack of the 50-Foot Hero: Story Audition

Last summer, I participated in Laguna College of Art & Design's first master class, in which 15 artists took a film from concept to color in 12 weeks.  We didn't have the design of the monster pinned down in the second week, but we were (understandably) more concerned with getting the story to work right out of the gate.  All 15 of us boarded a ton of radically different stories from the same premise -- "lil' monster wants to save a city, not destroy it" -- and, soon afterwards, Frankensteined the final story from the bits we liked in everyone's pitches.

The final, team-penned story was much cleverer than my individual pitch (that's usually how stories go), and Sierra Lewis' and Trent Correy's work on the monster's design was head and shoulders above my version.  Still, the boards I did were an enjoyable adventure.  I thought I'd share them now that the lid has been off the film for some time.


Friday, May 17, 2013

In case you forgot...

LCAD films are screening tomorrow. 10am. Laguna South Coast Cinemas.
Be there, or feel like this.