Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Just spreading the word here:

See RANGO when you get the chance. It's a risky animated film that succeeds -- shrewd, silly, gritty, and charming, all at once. Hats off to Gore Verbinski for jumping into animation with such enthusiasm, to James Ward Byrkit and the story team for following him up, and to ILM -- who is pretty much "the studio" -- for the incredible, unconventionally appealing visuals, with photorealistic textures that actually work in their favor.

(Just one caution -- don't bring anyone under nine or maybe ten. This is a bit of a "hard PG.")

Friday, March 11, 2011

Stay safe!

I only just heard about the tragic damage in Japan. I'm gonna reiterate sunami56's statement:
"My prayers go out to everyone being affected by the earthquake and waves. Stay safe everyone! And if you are encouraged to evacuate, please do so. You're worth so much more than your house."
I don't have time to do a pic with warm wishes (maybe later today?), but David Gemmill made a whole storyboard.  Check out his post.
1:10: Here we are.  Now let's skip the MTV concerts and get some real relief going!

(Day and Night (C) Disney/Pixar. Sorry, but the guys here are just close enough to get me sued if I don't say that.)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lil' Hitch

All right, kiddies...if you must know what's really been taking up my time while the wee hours are spent on pinups and such (I admit it takes the edge off), look no further.  Presenting the first 15 seconds of "Lil' Hitch."

The first pass has some technical issues, although I'm mostly pleased with the character animation.  More importantly, the story as a whole has many ridiculous twists and turns I am loath to spoil before it's ready to screen for an audience.  Those of you from LCAD likely know how it goes already, but I'm dangling this carrot to whet your appetite for the final carrot cake of a film -- which, in an extremely optimistic situation, will be fully baked this December.

Cheesy metaphor is futile.  Back to work!

Die Walkitty

EDIT 3/10/11: Turnin' this in for a show!  Copious edits, and a vow never to ink a pic at 200 dpi again, ensue, in the hopes that I might get a prize for it.  People kept thinking the nondescript goblin below was a dog, so a dog now he be.