Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Got, Got, Got, Got No Time...

With a tired body and mountains of homework threatening to bury me, I retreated into a nap for an hour and a half. I was determined to return with a vengeance but decided to check my Blogger account first.


At least I have stuff to share, although I barely have time to create. I've been scanning recent creations like a madman, building up an archive in case all the other, better artwork in the world is destroyed (see 2012 -- or perhaps don't) and the aliens that discover our remains have to settle for my crap. How noble of me! Besides, if that doesn't get me, the oncoming extinction of the sweet banana will.

The leftmost drawing of this chic chick was done with a nib pen and colored in PS afterwards. Regarding nib pens, I've done a bunch of Steadmanesque pieces for my Character Design class that I'm dying to show you all, but one of them needs a slight adjustment before it's worth putting up. Another one needs a dramatic overhaul, which the other classes make difficult. Neither can be done tonight.

He's a stoner and he'll never be any good. Not that those are mutually exclusive, mind -- Stanley Kubrick was clearly high as a kite when he made 2001.

Most of these sketches are coming off of my current scribble phase. As I've said before, I'm constantly reevaluating why my art lacks and what I can do to fix it. There are a couple of soft-spoken guys at school who intimidate me with their funny drawings and extreme pose quality, which has ultimately compelled me to improve. My most recent solution is, rather than lightening my heavy hand, feeling through the forms at high velocity. Pens are great for this, but it only works when I really think about it. Otherwise I just make a hairy jumble of lines over flat shapes, and... well, screw that.

Revision for the "mod dog" I posted pics of a while back. The pose was nice and loose, so I took tracing paper and a Col-Erase to it. The scanner gave me hell for it, of course, so I settled on having some visual ambience (meaning urban grime) surround her.

I posted her already, but now she's in color, thanks to the Fake Marker Tool in Sketchbook Pro. Booyah!

Or just bewilderment?

By the way, there are three cigarettes in this post, and one of them is stuffed with pot. I guess we're rated R now.

In a future post: The morbidly intriguing, sometimes well-drawn dissolution of my long-running creative slump.