Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Die Walkitty

EDIT 3/10/11: Turnin' this in for a show!  Copious edits, and a vow never to ink a pic at 200 dpi again, ensue, in the hopes that I might get a prize for it.  People kept thinking the nondescript goblin below was a dog, so a dog now he be.


  1. *blushes like SpongeBob*
    Thanks! For what it's worth this is probably my best one-off yet...

  2. I just found your blog and have been here ALL DAY!! I LOVE YOUR WORK! its so inspiring!
    I'm going to study your style becuz its so fun to looka at. keep up the FANTASTIC work!

  3. Thanks, but if you wanna see some REALLY good stuff, start scouring those sidebars. I got so many classmates, fellow DAers, and fellow Bloggers whose art consistently blows my mind. I have fun, but I'm generic by comparison.