Saturday, January 29, 2011


No doodles today, but the animatic for my senior film is 99.9% complete (some dialogue needs to be swapped out) and I have gotten the go-ahead to start animating. Enjoy a storyboard drawing, kids!

Meanwhile, I rediscover what is likely the most unapologetically appealing Disney feature of the post-Walt era. It's clear that the new wave of Disney talent in the '80s was huge into Milt Kahl and Frank Thomas and all those guys, but for funny characters especially, they brought their own discoveries, like Tex Avery's vivid takes and Chuck Jones' strategically applied moving holds, to the table. Contemporary animators have consistently told me this and I am beginning to finally notice it.

So, to rewatch The Great Mouse Detective, a movie chock full of funny characters all drawn by animators exploring these influences with childlike glee, including an exceptionally gleeful Glen Keane drawing the villain...leaves me breathless.

(C) Disney, but I wish it was mine.

If you forgot this frame was in the movie, chances are you need to watch it again.

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