Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Last burst of sketchy decadence...

...before careening headlong into my senior film. But it'll be a pleasant careen. I think.

One thing I learned: Next time I make oaths that I'll have more stories in the can and amp up my draftsmanship to the maxxxxx, make sure nothin' else is on my plate first. The above doodles weren't exactly "on my plate," and I'm that much closer to not yet finishing my boards as a result.

BUT... do you like 'em?


  1. Certainly liking the look of the dog on the right - can't tell if it's boy or goil, but otherwise....great stuff!

  2. Goil. I s'pose I has to push the goiliness as far as animals is concerned. But thanks, these recent sketches were a lot of fun!

  3. lookin great, mike! keep it up. can't wait to see your film. if you wanna compare pipelines or ever need an extra set of eyes, i'm an email away. can't wait to see your film!