Monday, February 14, 2011

Athletic sexy nerd mouse!

From dreamy to spazzy in a matter of hours! No remarkable thought process here, but I was antsy while drawing and needed to do a random cleanup to simmer down.

Left out the background so it would look that much more like it was ripped from a Bakshi Mighty Mouse-era trade paper.


  1. damn mike, so much ENERGY. these characters need a story or some gags behind them, and you'll be soooooo solid. already funny designs, but mold them around some funny ideas too. i'm telling you, you gotta make some comics/films!

  2. Not denyin' it, Chris. The more you bring it up, and the more I see other cartoonists making funny stories around their mostly inexplicable characters, the more I realize -- I AM OVERTHINKING IT! And that's in the negative way where I can scarcely get a character off the ground because I fear having to explain it to someone. Yet, the title tells you who this is easily enough. She's an "athletic sexy nerd mouse" -- a few physical/character traits that together could write themselves. What's stoppin' me? O_O

    As I've said (and said, and said), the root of my struggles right now is internet obsession. The more I work AWAY from the compy, the more I will have to show ON it later. Such a simple principle that has only recently begun to sink in...

    Anyway, thanks for egging me on, 'cause it is only compelling me that much more to start thinking actively about my characters and what to do with them.