Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meet Francesca!

Five feet, five inches of hardcore post-adolescent female...
Not exactly a quantum leap from the animal girls, but I like her that way. You get sex marketed to you so many ways these days that I prefer to carve out a niche for pinup girls you might like to know.
My only worry is that I don't explore enough shades of cute. There are subtler ways to do it than a ribbon and a fancy dress, for sure. But it was my deliberate choice to indulge in cuteness when designing Francesca.

To all the spirited, down-to-earth, lovable real-life Francescas in this world (and I know a few): how ya doin'?


  1. Did you base the way she looks off of a cross between Belle (from "Beauty and the Beast") and Amelie (from the movie of the same title)?!? You prob'ly didn't, but it kinda looks like that for some reason. I'm TOTALLY with you when it comes to the idea of "pinup girls you might like to KNOW"!! Francesca reminds me of a lot of the girls that I've not only been attracted to in real life, but have actually gotten to know on a (slightly) more personal level.

  2. Let's say Amelie 'cos Belle looks generic. Really, though, she's based off of no one in partic'lar.