Monday, November 1, 2010


Thanks to a post from Eric Scales, I have joined the Odosketch fray, testing out slightly varying designs I might use for my senior film character. I confess, my story portfolio focus has shifted now that I have a faint idea of where my efforts are supposed to go. (We have a portfolio class I'm not in yet, and I didn't ask quite enough questions prior.)

EDIT: Uh-oh. The embed links are blanking out on my compy, and so is the Odosketch server. Better post some screengrabs. As an aside, this paragraph would have made no sense twenty years ago.

Join us! (And hope it works!)


  1. this looks like fun, i might give a shot.
    is this the story with the cat lady?

  2. Nope, it's different. I ain't spoilin' it, apart from I showed an initial version to Dave P's Storyboarding class.