Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm proud of these!

I didn't do any of these tonight, but they're fairly representative of my current mindset.

Thanks to Will Finn and Kevin Langley for their respective posts on Jim Tyer. They helped immensely to bring me back to Happy Cartoon Earth.


  1. Hi Mike, great stuff. I love the second drawing great pose. So loose and lively.

  2. HAHAHAHA you have an awesome style! keep going, mike!

    all these loose sketches are great! you should also try your hand at doing some narrative doodles. i got this trick from david gemmill. draw a character, and then tell a little story or joke with it. it makes you test the design, pose it out, see if you can stage your narrative clearly, and improves your storytelling, all while you doodle! cuz when you get a job, you're going to have to tell a story, minds well start practicing now!

    man, you rock! i can't wait to see what years to come have in store for you!

  3. Thanks all for the comments!

    Chris: I churned out a storyboard this week that will very likely become my senior film. I got feedback that will make it make it even funnier, and I don't intend to post it until it ends up that way.

    That said, I'm always telling people about dialogue exercises I used to do, a few years ago when I wasn't constantly distracting myself with music. I'm tired of telling and now I want to show some. Stay tuned!